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SEO Hero - An Outstanding Competitor

Since few days in the seo industry everybody heard about SEO Hero, the contest organized by Wix. Wix, a paid CMS that has always been criticized for its SEO shortcomings, wants to take its revenge by challenging SEOs around the world with a contest.

The scope of the contest is to rank at the top of google.com for the keyword SEO Hero. Wix promises to offer $ 50,000 to the winner who will be able to outrank wix website.

Many digital marketing experts have denounced the rules of the SEO Hero contest. To make it simple, Wix rules are the Google guidelines. Any participant that do not respect these guidelines will be simply excluded from the contest. That makes this contest very speciaal and extremely difficult, for that reason infact a lot of SEOs around the world decided to not taking part in it.

More over, to have full control and knowledge on actions performed by the participants, Wix requires each participant to open an admin access to the search console to a person charged by Wix to check for any actions that could be not conform to the Google guidelines. That is to say that SEOs involved in SEO Hero have not a lot of space for maneuver and will have to work with their gray matter to get on the top of Google search engine using only SEO white hat tactics.

SEO Hero Benchmark

Like every SEO contest, SEO Hero is a benchmark opportunity for Suite48 and every webmarketing agency. This allows us to be aware of all new Google Ranking techniques.

Not surprisingly most of the actions we have detected are illegitimate (if we refer to the guidelines of course, but we made an unbelievable discovery.

Actually we do not even know if the person behind this website is taking part on the wix contest, but the date in wich the domain name was registred, suggests it does. On the coming weeks, we are going to follow this website more closely because, if he is taking part on SEO Hero, we have there a competitor who really stands out, in short an excellent target to benchmark.

Is seo-hero.tech a super hero ?

Let's ignore a moment the wix contest and rethink a classic of search engine optimization. Content optimization. We have known for years how the keywords periphery is important, the co-occurrencies.

If you usually read Bill Slawski's blog you already know how important the use of co-occurrences is to ranks a content at the top of the Google's search engine. If you ever heard about seo by the sea, we're quiet sure you already read Rand Fishkin's whiteboard friday about co-citations and co-occurrencies. Anyway these are part of SEO Bases.

LSI, LSA, Phrase based indexing are therefore terms you have already encountered in your SEO life. At Suite48 we have, from years know, adapted our content optimization techniques using co-occurrences that must accompany our targeted keyword to reinforce its presence on the page without stuffing it, and we have often done it successfully.

That said it is not easy to find these co-occurrences and we had (until last week) never found a tool that gives us full satisfaction, we go through a little tool we've build, that does the job but with a lot of limitations for choosing the right co-occurrences.

seo hero

Studying webpages that ranks on SEO Hero, we found www.seo-hero.tech a latent semantic explorer. What is amazing is that this tool working like a charm is totally free. Not only the results are highly relevants, but SEO Hero does everything. It gives the co-occurrences, but also ideas of new keywords and gives the contexts in which the keywords were used. Just amazing.

Another good point is that, more over a great "semantic explorer" this competitor seems to have a thrue content marketing strategy through an interesting SEO Blog, it sounds pretty for now, so wait and see...

Considering how went the SEO Hero Contest we are certain to have new surprises soon, but after barely 10 days of contest if we have to elect a Seo Hero this would undoubtedly be seohero.tech an SEO tool that you definitely must try.

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